It Was All A Dream…

I use to read travelers magazine. Now we’re living this Nomadic life and working from a computer screen 😜.

Nomad Life month 2. End of the week we head out for our first cross country adventure, Texas to California; 1441 miles spread among two days of travel. I need to find a worlds largest ball of yarn site ASAP! Going to start looking for something cool or two to see along the way.

We have, however, found our home base… a lovely trailer park in Royse City, only 30 miles outside of Dallas (shoutout ). With a serenity pond and park owners who love my Oat dog, what more can you ask. The park is brand new and rapidly expanding. Looking extremely forward to the dog park and laundry facilities.

On that note, i have a few thoughts about RV Life thus far…. Landry Mats make me feel like a peasant and USPS sucks at delivering packages. Laundry is hard at a laundry mat. If you were wondering, it’s a 4 hour ordeal … but I’m improving. We’ve gotten a PO Box in addition to our traveling mailbox that seems to charge us an arm and leg when we accidentally soMehow send a package to the wrong receiving center… ANNOYING. Hoping the PO Box clears up all the package woes. Found out the hard way, amazon drivers deliver to RV sites (you guys rock) but when it’s sent out with USPS, they mark it undeliverable and send it back. UGH. Living and learning RV edition !

We had a September packed with fun and more recently some cooler weather ( thank god). Looking forward to the months to come and seeing some more cool stuff !

Xo, Lo Nomad

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