Phase 2, 3, 4… all systems go.

As i sit beach side writing this, still exhausted from the past 48 hours i think… I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life but this is NOT one of them. After my second attempt of listing my house for sale, we finally got the perfect offer. I accepted the offer with the eager future owners and a week later we closed, shockingly. Just in time for my down payment money due. Eveything felt to be falling in place 🤍

We returned home from Puerto Rico (Cody’s big 40th trip) on a Monday, the trailer was ready to complete paper work on Wednesday and we picked it up on Saturday, with one whole day left to move our lives out of another house and into our home on wheels 😳. … one day.. because, we live on the edge (i guess).

With a 43 foot rig parked in front of the house we were able to pack up and head to our first destination in our new home, Port Aransas, Texas.

It’s been 5 days of trailer living and each day Cody and I look at each other in disbelief that this is our life. We did it. Feels crazy and perfect.

The Amazon boxes are already trickling in as I’m learning the tricks of small space Living. Leaning that trailer parks get booked quick and i have to plan months and months ahead and also learning, it’s way too cold in here, like…always, (Thanks babe).

Two weeks off the Texas Coast to get the hang of this magnificent beast doesn’t seem long enough, but we’ll be back. I’ve always said, i was meant to live on an island. Didn’t know it was a Texas island, but i can get down with this too. Come to find out, Cody feels the same. We’re in for a wonderful nomadic adventure.

Xo -Lo Nomad

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