Midnight Express – Buying a vehicle during these crazy economic times

As part of this process of going nomad we needed to get a truck that would be able to pull our house on wheels. The pandemic has had more of an economic impact than we all probably realize, but as things start slowly opening back up, they are going to become blatantly apparent. Just like this housing market is bullish, so is pretty much everything else that needs manufactured including vehicles. It’s just slowed manufacturing down like crazy. When people dont work, the economy crashes. Its that simple. This means high demand (which really surprised me considering the unemployment rates) and low supply – driving the cost of a new vehicle 12 – 15k above MSRP. No bank will finance that, which means you need to bring a substantial amount of cash to the table. And just like the housing market, as soon as a vehicle becomes available its already sold, sometimes before its even made it to the dealership. This was the case for us. We searched for 2 weeks. Something I learned, is dont trust CarGurus, or any website for that matter. As soon as its listed its already gone and there is a delta in what inventory is showing available and what actually is available. Your best bet is to work directly with a reputable dealership. Do your research.

I dont know if its luck, or we just forced ourselves to stay on our game 24/7 for a few weeks, but we found a “used” F-350 with only 4600 miles on it. Because of this, we actually got the truck for under MSRP with enough power to tow whatever we want.

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