22 hours …

They delivered the Pod on a Wednesday with a schedule to pick it up the following Thursday and because procrastination is a passion, we waited till the following Wednesday to start packing it.

Luckily for me the Pod was perfect size to fit my entire dorm room, except for the fact that i actually have a 4 bedroom house in which over the past 6 years managed to fill to the brim with entirely TOO MUCH SHIT. So there’s that. Packing, trashing, donating; the week was filled with non stop fun.

After loads of debate on why i don’t need two crockpots and some scientific theory’s on how 18 coffee mugs are likely impossible to fit into our trailer living … we were able to finish packing the pod early Thursday morning.

The hoarder in me was screaming over this.

The hoarder in me died a little bringing the bare mins to Texas. All the things i left behind, all the treasure and keepsakes and sentimental items… mean nothing when your goals are trailer living; Minimalism. Why am i like this.

After hours on hours of cleaning and trashing we were ready for the trek. 19 hours… Nevada to Arizona through New Mexico and end game, Texas.

Starting the journey from vegas at 0630 we hit the road, but not without a couple leisurely stops.

A fucking crater ! – Winslow, AZ
Williams, AZ
Through sleet and snow… Lo must go.

In New Mexico we hit a rain storm which delayed us an hour or so. The rain came down so hard and fast we couldn’t even see in front of us. Once the storm passed and we got back on the freeway, we passed 4 car collisions in about a 5 mile strip of freeway… crazy man!!

We arrived in Texas 22 hours later at 0530. Unable to think clearly , semi brain dead. We drove the whole way through, almost ran out of gas because cody drove to exhaustion and delusion and i brought it home for the win. Home sweet home.


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