inception of an odyssey

When I first saw Lo, this chick was doing some rad ass shit – from flying planes, helping with baja race teams, sand rails in the dunes, motocross, traveling the world, and riding a harley. I knew I had to shoot my shot. The way I figure it, she’s probably the only woman in the world who could ever keep up with me. Plus, the clinch for the win, I’d never seen a more gorgeous woman.

We hit it off, everything worked out and here we are… selling off everything to live in an 5th wheel, save some dough, buy some land and build something awesome together. We’re not just selling a little something, we’re selling all of it. My house, her house, and everything in them for the most part. Its a logistical nightmare… selling two homes at once, moving Lo to Texas, getting the 5th wheel.

Today, we hit a milestone – one house is on the market.

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